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Last week, over 50 staff at North Shore Hospital in Auckland were removed from work for a 14-day isolation period after exposure to a single Corona virus patient. One suspected patient can sideline an entire swath of hospital staff overnight. Around the world, hospitals are scrambling to maintain essential staffing in the face of ballooning patient numbers. 

Core Schedule—the #1 hospital staff rostering program for NZ Emergency Departments and used extensively throughout the US and Australia—can help manage these staffing emergencies. It has developed several new features, including one that enables staff to be tagged as ‘not available- in isolation’ so managers can immediately see who is able to work.  

Core Schedule can search through 100's of staff to find everyone who is available to work and:

* has any number of specific qualifications

* is not ‘in isolation’

* is not on leave

* would not end up with an unsafe number of hours that week

* would have a safe recovery period before and after the shift 

Core Schedule then sends a text message to just that group, which allows them to immediately pick up shifts from their phone. 

If the virus continues to spread, rosters will have to track individual staff attributes, such as ‘Corona virus Immune’. Core Schedule can be immediately customized to track almost any kind of attribute per employee and use those attributes to automatically resolve rostering emergencies. 

CEO and Founder, Dr. Stephen C. Pool is a practicing Emergency Medicine physician in the Wellington Hospital Emergency Department in New Zealand. He is in charge of the department’s roster. 

“Before Core Schedule, I could easily spend an hour of my time trying to cover a single shift from someone calling in sick, figuring out who was in town and hadn’t just worked or was about to work, and then playing phone tag. Now, it takes less than a minute. This is all time that could be better spent taking care of patients.” 

Core Schedule is hard at work rolling out innovative tools to manage rostering problems caused by this pandemic. Dr. Pool says, ‘We want to ensure every available resource is spent on the front lines treating patients.’


For more information:
+64 4 242 0069 (NZ)

+61 735 58 2011 (AU)

+1 646 859 3325 (US) 



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