Intrahealth appears at World Health Organisation Symposium Feb 2019 - Australian Antarctic Presentation

 Dr Jeff Ayton was invited to present at the WorldHealth Organisation in Delhi a few weeks back.

This was an event attended by Governments and Health Organisations from allover the world.  He did a live presentation to the Antarctic show casing remote care using a single integrated EMR.  we’re obviously pretty proud as a Kiwi Company to be showcased in such a manner to some pretty important dignitaries.


Click this link for the Presentation   (About Antarctic is first 8 minutes and then live feed from 8 minutes).It also quite impressively shows integration / interoperability and remote medicine (India to Antarctica) with high def device images going over satellite in real time directly into the patient record.

The research scientists who study the unique Antarctica environment and their support crews travel over 3400 kilo metres to the Antarctica bases.

Satellite connectivity is very limited and patchy at best on the journey. The medical professionals charged with caring for the people on board these ships and at the bases need access to the medical records, past and current to support effective clinical care. Intrahealth’s electronic medical record solution (Profile) supports pre deployment screening activity prior to the journey, medicals, on ship care and on-going care at the bases to ensure all personnel health records are current. Offline and Business continuity functionality ensure that information is always at hand even in the most remote of locations.

Given the unique environment a significant number of device, educational and telehealth integrations(utilising a standards approach) ensure that all information is accessible through Profile

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