New data shows New Zealanders lost over $14 million to cyber security issues in 2018

A new report released today highlights the importance of New Zealand businesses and individuals having a trusted source of information they can turn to for help with cyber security incidents.

CERT NZ’s latest quarterly report shows another record high number of incidents reported in a single quarter. Over 1300 reports about cyber security issues were received between October and December 2018 from businesses and individuals around New Zealand.

Key highlights for both the Quarterly Report and summary of 2018 include:

Quarter Four Overview

*1,333 incident reports were received by CERT NZ between October and December 2018.This is a 53% increase on Quarter Three.

* Financial loss increased to $5.9 million

* Data shows a significant spike in scams

o   In total 666 scam and fraud reports were received in Q4

o   Many of these related to email extortion scams,such as the widely publicised webcam blackmail scams in late-2018. 

o   As these email scams continue to evolve, it is more important than ever that New Zealanders have a trusted source of information and advice.

2018 Overview

* CERT NZ received 3445 incident reports in 2018, ranging from phishing to ransomware

o   This is a 205% increase on 2017

*The top incident categories in 2018 were:

o   Phishing and credential harvesting

o   Scams and fraud

o   Unauthorised access

*$14.1 million in financial loss was reported to CERT NZ in 2018, an increase of over 150% from 2017

CERT NZ Quarterly Reporting

*CERT NZ releases reports every quarter so New Zealanders have access to up-to-date, New Zealand-specific data about cyber security issues.

* CERT NZ’s Quarter Four Report 2018 provides an overview of the cyber security incidents reported this quarter and advice on mitigations to help New Zealanders build their online resilience.

CERT NZ messages

*CERT NZ uses incident information to develop timely, actionable advice to enable New Zealanders to act with confidence and stay safe online.

*CERT NZ recommends that New Zealanders report cyber security incidents to CERT NZ for support resolving the issue.

This can be done online at or by phoning 0800CERT NZ (0800 2378 69)

Links to the CERT NZ’s latest quarterly report and summary of 2018 can be found at -

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CERT NZ –Responding to cyber security threats in New Zealand

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Media contact: 027 442 2141 or email


CERT NZ is New Zealand’s Computer Emergency Response Team, and works to support businesses, organisations and individuals who are affected (or may be affected) by cyber security incidents.CERT NZ provides trusted and authoritative information and advice, while also collating a profile of the threat landscape in New Zealand



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