NZHIT Providing Support To Members

NZHIT's support to members

As always, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, at NZHIT we are working hard to stay connected and engage with members, stakeholders and the wider health sector to provide support, advice and advocacy. The following are some key specific areas of support to be aware of -
* Member "pulse" survey - early next week members will receive a brief survey from us that is an opportunity to provide feedback and highlight particular areas where we can specifically assist members. We're also working with the Ministry of Health to provide an opportunity for them to include questions that can assist with information gathering for their planning processes.
* Contacting members - you will be aware that Mark Cox recently joined the NZHIT team. Mark will be making contact via email, phone or VC with many members to discuss how we can provide further support. You can contact Mark on As always, Scott Arrol (CEO) is available at any time so don't hesitate to call on +64 21 414631.
* Information and engagement opportunities - as mentioned in a previous news item, we are organising a meeting of the Virtual Health Industry Group (VHIG) where the Ministry of Health can provide an update and gain feedback from members. Where appropriate we will add more of these types of meeting opportunities via a virtual mechanism.
* On-line events - we're currently working on webinar type presentations to replace the cancelled NZHIT Summit as well as other topics that will assist members at this time. More information will be provided as these are developed and available.
* Highlight the great work you're doing - all members can utilise the NZHIT website to provide news stories, case studies and updates to demonstrate what you're currently doing, able to do and want to do. Simply send these to Anna at and she'll take it from there. Let Anna know if you want a hand to ghost write these for you as we can offer this service as well.

NZHIT members must engage

We are working closely with the Ministry of Health to make sure information and advice from our members and the sector flows in both directions. We advocate on behalf of our members and are focused on making sure any "mission critical" related risks and information is available as early as possible.
This is essential so we can all be proactive in identifying important areas of risk and working proactively and collaboratively to mitigate these as much as possible.
If you're concerned about any level of business continuity risks that (for example) may relate to any of the following -
1) revenue, debt or cash-flow constraints,
2) supply chain factors or
3) service degradation (might be a result of staffing level reductions, for instance)
Then please feel free to contact Scott Arrol in the first instance - +64 21 414631 - CONFIDENTIALITY IS ASSURED
The majority of NZHIT's members provide products, solutions and services that are important to the delivery of healthcare services.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential that any risks posed to being able to continue providing this support throughout the pandemic period must be highlighted as soon as possible before it becomes too late to put supports into place.



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