This weeks new podcasts - Amio Matenga Ikihele, Robyn Whittaker and Anna Elder

Join Scott in a chat with Amio Matenga Ikihele & Robyn Whittaker and Anna Elder

EP29: You'll really enjoy this episode as Anna talks about her experience in setting up Just a thought, her passion for making mental health & addiction services available to as many people as possible and the fantastically collegial environment she and others work in.

EP29: Pt 02 "eMental Health Series"

Amio and Robyn are involved in significant work within the digital health and health sectors in New Zealand and offshore. Spending the next 40 minutes listening to these two special guests will be well worth it as they share pure gold when it comes to their wealth of knowledge and experience especially when it comes to the digital divide.

EP28: Pt 05 "Virtual-Telehealth Series"



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