Toniq’s Pill Pictures database upgraded and expanded

Helping identify medication using high-quality photographs just got a whole lot easier for pharmacists and other health professionals thanks to Toniq’s Pill Pictures latest database.

Toniq, New Zealand’s largest retail and pharmacy software company, has upgraded and expanded its Pill Pictures computer database to now include more than 1,100 high-quality, colour images.

Toniq medicines product manager Luke Tilson says the business has worked hard to improve the image quality and quantity.

“The Pill Pictures database helps healthcare professionals identify patient medication. It’s about reducing errors and ensuring safety of medication so health professionals can easily identify medication when checking and administering to their patients,“ Mr Tilson says.

Toniq acquired in 2018 the assets of New Zealand company drugIDNZ, which had developed a database of pill images years earlier to help health professionals identify medication.

Database continuing to grow

After the upgrade and expansion, the Pill Pictures database has almost double the number of images it originally had.

“That number will continue to grow. Our goal is to have all subsidised medication in the database,” Mr Tilson says.

Toniq is currently developing the database so health professionals can search for pills by typing in the pill’s colour, shape, imprint or whether it’s scored or not (has a line down the middle).

Mr Tilson says the database is helpful to pharmacists using Toniq’s dispensing software. Pharmacists can print off images of pills for elderly people or people going overseas to help them identify their medication.

It also provides a visual aid to healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants using Toniq’s medication management system 1CHART, which is used in aged care.

“The images bring the medication to life for patients and helps them avoid mistakes.”

Pharmacist calls product invaluable

Selwyn Village Pharmacy owner Des Bailey welcomes news of Pill Pictures upgrade and expansion.

“We find Pill Pictures invaluable particularly when we’re checking compliance packaging. A patient may have several different white-coloured pills that we need to double check,” Mr Bailey says.

“We check medication with our eyes and also with the Pill Pictures images, which helps us catch occasional errors. A visual image tells you a lot and is very powerful.”

Database has API

Mr Tilson says the Pill Pictures database has an API that makes it easy for vendors who want to include Pill Pictures in their applications.

“Health professionals then have access to a continually updating database of images,” he says.

Toniq, which was acquired by Irish global healthcare technology specialist Clanwilliam Group in 2017, has also today launched a new website,

Source: NZHIT member -Toniq media release, 28 May 2019



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